Trolley Cart Chip - Quarter (Canadian)

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1 X 1 Quarter Trolley Chip with Carabiner with Lobster Clasp Who doesn't know this situation? Fresco, No Frills or Canadian Superstore You have just arrived at the grocery store and you realize that you don't have a coin for your shopping cart? You fumble in your pockets, and then in your purse.......still no coins???? What do you do?? HHHB has found a solution to this annoying problem. HAPPY'S TROLLEY CHIP!!! Don`t waste lots of valuable time each time you go shopping! Stop getting annoyed and raising your blood pressure! Be Smart! Get your trolley cart coin TODAY at! You can use it over and over again If you own a business, Advertise your company on our trolley chip. Give them away as promotional gifts. You will be getting a lot of advertising worth for the penny article . Your business will be advertised to the shoppers every day, Order your Trolley chips Today at ! WWW.TROLLEYCHIP.COM

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