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NATURAL Propolis Toothpaste 5 Tubes of (200g) Toothpaste NATURAL Propolis Toothpaste is the perfect natural non-fluoride alternative containing the following: Green Tea Extract : Catechin, a major ingredient of green tea, enhances immune power, as polyphenol ingredient has anti-oxidation and anti-biotic effect, and is effective for removal of bad breath by deodorizing action. TCN (Triclosan) : Containing broad antibiotic substance, TCN, this product inhibits bacterial propagation and prevents gingivitis disease. Propolis extract : This is dark brown colored and sticky resin liquid collected from entrance of bee hive and a natural antibiotic substance with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation effect to inhibit propagation of various bacterial and virus. Propolis Toothpaste leaves teeth feeling clean, gums feeling healthy, and tastes really great without all the artificial ingredients and without any negative side effects. Propolis Toothpaste is the perfect non-fluoride natural alternative, suitable for young children even if accidently swallowed.

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