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Introduction of Men's Tungsten Energy Bracelet Tungsten is the rarest of all exotic metals that can be permanently polished. If you have a gold, silver or platinum jewelry, you will notice varying degree of scratches or surface marks on them but with Tungsten carbide bracelets, you will always see them with great shiny finish. Tungsten bracelet is usually heavy and comes with great polish which last very long. Tungsten is 10 times harder than 18K Gold and 5 times harder than steel and 4 times harder than titanium. Benefits of FIR (Far infrared Rays) Stone, Germanium Stone, Magnetic Stone and Negative Ions Stone which comes embedded in this Bracelet Benefits of Germanium and FIR Stone - experiencing stiffness or pain in the back, shoulders or neck. - Sleeping disorder, stress and Anxiety attacks etc. - having numbness and muscular ache of arms or fingers. - having poor blood circulation. - working long hours with electromagnetic devices such as computers, mobile phones. Prolong wearing Germanium Jewelry may assist in: - help in body and mind relaxation. - promote a sense of well-being. - increase alertness. - energises a person. - neutralization of free radical. - removing toxins and other wastes in body. - Improve blood circulation. - Increase sports performance and stamina. - Discharge of Toxics and other wastes in body. - Increase Alertness. Germanium based bracelets or necklaces are commonly used as a Therapy and it is inexpensive, non-intrusive and nontoxic way of medical treatment used worldwide. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary.

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